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What are the best Ideas to Refresh Your Front Fence

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5 Ideas to Refresh Your Front Fence

Is your fence looking tired and shabby? The condition of your front fence can affect the overall appearance of the façade of your home as well as acting as a protective barrier, so it’s important that it is well maintained. Here are five simple ways to refresh the look of your front fence.

Your front fence should be cohesive with the look of your home. If your fence is wonky with peeling paint it will bring down the overall look of your property. A quality fence should last a long time but depending on the design it may need some maintenance. There are many options available to you to get your fence looking bright and shiny again. Here are some ideas to improve the look of your fence.

#1 Schedule repairs

Often, wobbly or broken palings or a sagging lean can make the entire fence look subpar. Minor issues can strain the rest of the fence and, over time, can eventually compromise the entire structure. It’s best to jump on any small defects as soon as possible – it will save you money in the long run, as it will lengthen the life of your fence. Contact Jim’s Fencing Melbourne to schedule in your repairs. Jim’s Fencing contractors have been installing and repairing fences across Australia for decades, and are experts at all types of repairs: replacing palings and posts, helping to upright sagging fences, filing and sealing holes, and other general repairs.

#2 A fresh coat of paint

Fresh paint can help to renew the look of so many features around your house, including your fence. If you have a steel or aluminium fence that has not been powder-coated, or a timber fence, a coat of paint can completely transform a tired-looking fence. Powder coating paintwork generally lasts much longer than ordinary paint and has protective elements that prevent rust and help your metal to last longer. If you have an unpainted timber fence, regular staining will lengthen the life of your fence and keep it looking beautiful.

#3 Plant a garden

Use greenery or a splash of colour in your garden to dazzle passers-by and gently lift the look of your home’s facade. Curated landscaping will not only make your fence look gorgeous – it will do wonders for your yard in general.

#4 Clean it

An old-fashioned bucket and brush and some decent elbow grease could be all you need to improve the appearance of your fence. ‘Clean the fence’ isn’t on many people usual chores list, so it can often be overlooked or neglected. If the dirt has really built up, consider hiring a power washer to really get it sparkling again.

#5 Is it time to replace your fence?

Sometimes, a fence gets into such a state of disrepair that minor repairs won’t do enough to improve it. If your fence is over a decade old and beginning to look particularly shabby, it may be necessary for an upgrade. If you’re only concerned about your front fence – that may be the only part of your fencing that you need to replace. Replacing a few palings doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily replace the rest of your fencing. You can match your new fence with the existing one or branch out and get a custom feature fence. This will allow you to be more creative in your design ideas. Get in touch with Jim’s Fencing on 13 15 46 for advice on what fencing might be best for your property.

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