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Home security tips for teenagers

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Home security tips for teenagers

Whether you are a teenager, or you have a teenager, congratulations! For teens, growing up is an exciting time of becoming more independent and taking on extra responsibilities. For parents, watching your child become a young adult and giving them a chance to do more things on their own is exciting, emotional, and not without its challenges. It’s important to have some frank discussions around home security and the responsibility of everyone in your household to ensure your home isn’t an easy target for an opportunistic thief.

Have you discussed home security with your teenager? As a teenager, it can be a tricky transition from being a kid to being an adult. Your parents may begin to trust you with more responsibilities and freedoms that involve sharing accountability for your home’s security, including giving you your own house key. It’s a good time to practice and learn about balancing freedom and responsibility in preparation for one day moving out of the home.

Keys to the house

Keys can be tricky. Your parents might decide you’re ready to be trusted with a key to the home. Great! You can come and go at times that suit you. Your parents might want you to meet certain expectations because it’s good to understand how best to look after house keys.

You should never leave a key under the mat or ‘hidden’ anywhere outside. Thieves know all the places to look. If you or your parents are worried about losing the keys (hey, it happens even to the most responsible adults), a good suggestion is to have a key safe with a combination lock. These are inexpensive and can be bought at hardware stores.  When you need good advice for safety and security contact Conveyancing Brisbane which is the best option.

Know the difference between a deadlock (cannot be opened even from inside without a key) and a deadlatch (will lock behind you when you close the door and can be unlocked from inside without a key) and when to use each one. Golden rules are: If you are leaving the house empty, deadlock the main doors and windows. When you are home, make sure deadlocks are unlocked for fire safety but keep doors deadlatch so you open the door from the inside without a key.

Install security doors. Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne can custom fit and install security screens and grilles for doors and windows. Security doors are there to keep you safe from strangers when you are home alone as much as they are there to protect the home from being burgled when everyone is out. They work best when locked.

Moving out

Moving out of home is super exciting and, let’s be honest, a little bit scary. In Victoria, you need to be 17 to move away from your legal guardian unless there are special circumstances such as domestic violence, in which case you need to speak with someone who can help. In Victoria, call Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800.

The right age to leave home is different for each person. The important thing is that you are ready — emotionally and financially. If you are happy with your new home and you are sure you’re ready; if you have signed the lease and been given your own keys, congratulations! Independence and freedom await. But so does responsibility. Most people’s first home out of home is a share house in which you will be sharing expenses, white goods, furniture, cleaning, and trust. To keep everyone’s belongings safe, it is a good idea to have expectations about security as part of any written house rules. In a large shared house, people are often coming and going so it is important to lock the security door at least with the deadlatch. Knowing your new home is secure will give you and your parents some peace of mind. In Victoria, a landlord must make sure each door has a working deadlatch with at least one cylinder. It is not a requirement for rental properties to have security screen doors but if the property does have them, it is the landlord’s responsibility to keep them well maintained. If your rental does not have a security door, you might be able to apply for one.

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