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Gardening Tips for Planting Along Your Fence Line Australia 2022

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Gardening Tips for Planting Along Your Fence Line

It can be easy to overlook the strip of garden area that is often allowed for along fence lines. Planting along your fence line can transform the look of your fence and add sophistication and charm.

Fences are solid and functional features of our property. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Make the most of your green thumb and transform your fence line with an arrangement of beautiful plants and flowers. With the right knowhow and skills, you’ll be able to create a complementary oasis to enhance your fence.

What type of fence do you have?

Before rushing to your nearest nursery, take a look at your fence and consider what plants will work best. Certain plants will not suit certain types of fences. For example, Merbau is a beautiful tannin-rich hardwood used by Jim’s Fencing company. Its sleek and smooth solid wall will not give anything for climbing plants to stick to. It’s probably not well suited for ivy or clematis.

Additionally, it’s such a beautiful colour that it would be a shame to cover it with flowers. For a Merbau fence, it’s a better idea to focus on the bottom of the fence line. Merbau’s natural oils can also leak, so that’s another factor to consider when choosing plants. Don’t go for a plant that requires arid soil to grow, as it may struggle to flourish.

The colour of your fence is another variable that will make a massive difference to how your plants look. A very common and eye-catching combination is bright green plants against a black wall. The stark contrast between the two colours really make the greenery pop, and it creates a very cosy and atmospheric space. If this is something you’d like, consider going for a Colorbond fencing. It can come powder-coated in the deep black shade of ‘Monument’. It will be strong enough to hold planter boxes or hanging plants as an incredibly durable steel wall.

You can choose between beauty and functionality

Some people love their gardens for purely aesthetic reasons, while others favour making the most practical use out of their space. Narrow vegetable garden beds lined up with your fence will allow your household to enjoy fresh produce. If your fence isn’t in full sunlight, another idea similar to this is to grow herbs along the fence line. Flowering types like lavender or rosemary will still create a colourful picture and they tend to be less demanding of sunlight than vegetables.

Climbing plants

If you have the type of fence suited to it, climbing plants are a distinctive way to brighten up any wall. Ivy is most common, but a flowering option like honeysuckle would also look stunning. Every climbing plant needs slightly different care, such as being planted a suitable distance away from other plants or being helped to grow with wire and clips.


Shrubs are one of the best choices for planting on your fence line. They are typically tougher than flowers and require less maintenance. They also tend to hug your fence line, which will help to fill in any gaps at the bottom and filter out dust and sound. Some great shrub examples would be the native Lillypilly, an evergreen plant that can be used as hedging and is easy to grow in most parts of Australia. Another option is the Christmas box, another hardy evergreen shrub planted in ‘difficult’ areas.

If you’re considering installing a new fence at your property, get in touch with the friendly experts at Jim’s Fencing Melbourne on 13 15 46 for advice on which fence would best suit your property and garden.

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