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Choose a Local Property Conveyancer In Australia 2022

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Why It’s Important to Choose a Local Property Conveyancer

Are you in the market for a new property? Perhaps you’re looking for your dream home or your next investment property. No matter why you’re in the property market, you need to find the right team of professionals to get you through the process, from house-hunting to handing over the keys.

One of the most vital members of your team is a local property conveyancer who is responsible for finalising the legal aspects of the property transaction. When choosing a property conveyancer, it is always best to hire someone local to the area you are purchasing in – not local to you. Why is it important to choose a local property conveyancer? Let’s explore!

Why it’s important to use a local property conveyancer

If you’re buying in an unfamiliar area, you might be tempted to use your local property conveyancer, especially if they are someone you have used before. You might be wondering, “do I really need to use a local property conveyancer?”

In fact, using a conveyancer local to the property you are buying is important. Conveyancing laws and requirements vary between different states and territories, meaning that a conveyancer who excels in Brisbane might be out of their depth navigating Melbourne property laws. Using a conveyancer who lives and works where you are buying your property means they will be familiar with the local legislation. Likewise, choosing a property conveyancer who lives outside of the state or territory where you are looking to buy means they will be unfamiliar with local conveyancing laws, and any mistakes made could hold up your purchase.

A long-distance relationship

Hiring a property conveyancer in your area may be more practical when it comes to signing documents or handing over cheques. However, working together long-distance is made easier by today’s technology. You and your property conveyancer can do many of the required transactions over the phone or via Zoom, and documents are easily exchanged by email or express post. You can efficiently complete a property transaction with a conveyancer local to the property you are buying without ever needing to meet them face to face.

How local is local enough?

The work done by a property conveyancer is not the same as that done by a real estate agent – they don’t need to know the local demographic to do their job. A conveyancer needs to know the property laws of their state or territory, but “local” doesn’t have to mean in the same neighbourhood. For example, whether you’re buying a property in Longreach or Cairns, you can just as easily use a conveyancer who works in Brisbane. That’s because the same rules and regulations apply to the entire state of Queensland, regardless of which suburb, city or town you buy property in. 

So, how do I choose a good property conveyancer?

It can be challenging to find a property conveyancer who suits your needs. Property conveyancing is not a service you often need, and by the time you actually need one – at the point of sale – you can feel rushed to make a decision. For example, you’ll need to:

  • Decide between a solicitor and a property conveyancer. Property solicitors are lawyers – they can help you with legal matters that a conveyancer might not have the skills or knowledge to deal with. Solicitors have a more widespread understanding of property law and can guide you in transactions requiring Australian court attendance. Conversely, conveyancers are equipped to handle uncomplicated property transactions and are often much cheaper than solicitors. If your purchase or sale is a straightforward transaction, you might be better off choosing a conveyancer.
  • Ask about their experience. Experienced conveyancers are likely to be far better equipped to handle your conveyancing than a practice made up of legal juniors. A good conveyancer will always be happy and willing to prove their capability to handle your conveyancing needs. One who isn’t might not be the best fit for you.
  • Do your own research. It’s a bad idea to simply use whoever your real estate agent has recommended. Estate agencies looking to offset financial concerns might have an agreement with conveyancing firms and will advise you to use them, whether they are the best fit for you or not.

As you start your search for a qualified conveyancer to guide you through your property transaction, you may be wondering if you need to choose someone local. The best decision you could make is to choose a property conveyancer located within the same state or territory as the property you are buying, as conveyancing laws and requirements differ between states and territories.

No matter where you live in Australia, you’ll need a reputable local conveyancer who understands local legislation. For more information about Jim’s Property Conveyancing Melbourne, and Property Conveyancing Brisbane. Or for expert advice on property conveyancing services in Australia, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced staff on 13 15 46.

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