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Are Security Doors Worth It In Melbourne Australia 2021

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Are Security Doors Worth It?

Are Security Doors Worth It-Melbourne Victoria
Are Security Doors Worth It-Melbourne Victoria

Many customers investigate the idea of buying a security door with one pervading thought in their minds: whether or not security doors are really worth installing. You may have a perfectly good front door, or even a fly screen door, but the protection that a security door can offer is far superior. Quality security doors will help to deter thieves from targeting your home and provide you with a level of protection that will allow you to feel confident that your possessions and loved ones are safe. The peace of mind that comes with installing security doors is most certainly “worth it”!

There are many reasons to purchase a security door, ranging from the increasing instance of burglary in Australia, to the superior protection security doors can offer and the lifestyle improvements such as feeling confident to answer the door at night or leaving your front door open to ventilate your home. Interested in installing a security door? Here are some points to consider:

In 30% of break-ins, the intruder enters through the front door

With burglary rates on the rise across Australia, current statistics indicate that 20% of Australian homes will be burgled at some point. Many burglaries are opportunistic and in 30% of cases the thief is able to gain access to the property through the front door. Security doors are effective in ensuring your home is a less appealing target to a thief as they are designed to prevent a forced entry.

75% of thieves take less than five minutes to break into a property

Burglars like an easy target. The emphasis is on being fast; the quicker the robbery, the less risk of getting caught. Security doors are effective against a forced break-in because they have been designed and tested to ensure they can’t be kicked in or jimmied open with a tool or even slashed open. To break through a quality security door would be a time consuming and noisy task that most burglars would avoid at any cost.

Choose a security door that has passed the Australian Standards tests

The rigorous Australian Standards tests ensure that security doors and windows can remain secure against a range of forced entry attempts. When considering which security door to install, it’s vital to investigate whether your chosen security door meets the Australian Standards requirements and is properly installed by a skilled expert. The Australian Standard tests assess the structural integrity and strength of the security door by subjecting each product to the following tests:

  • The Knife Sheer Test
  • The Impact Test
  • The Anti-jemmy Test
  • The Pull Test
  • The Probe Test
  • The Knife Shear Test
Security doors allowing you to answer your door securely

In many cases a thief will knock on the front door or ring the doorbell to check if anyone is home before attempting to break into a property. For this reason, it is important to always try to answer your doorbell. This can be difficult if older children are home alone or at night if you don’t feel comfortable opening the door to a stranger. A security door will allow you (or your loved ones) to answer the door safely without fear of being attacked or overpowered. A further security feature available is one-way or privacy mesh which limits the ability of people outside from looking into your home or seeing you when you answer your door.

Enjoy fresh air through your home without compromising your home security

Fly screen doors are great for ventilating your home, but they are not secure against break-ins and don’t even last particularly long with regular usage before becoming warped or torn. If you have installed a security door, you can feel confident about opening your home to enjoy fresh air on a summer night without worrying about the threat of an intruder. Looking for security doors Werribee? Yes we provide our service in Werribee as well

Click here for more information about Jim’s Security Doors. Or for expert advice on the right security door for your property, please contact our experienced sales team on 13 15 46.

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