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An Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test

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What is an Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test?

An earth fault loop impedance test is an electrical compliance test that is used to ensure that the wiring in your home or business premises is as safe as possible.

An earth fault loop impedance test is an assessment that makes sure that all the electrical circuits on your premises are operating as they should and includes testing all power points and electrical installations.

Do I need to consider earth loop impedance testing for my business?

The simple answer is yes because you have a duty of care to employees and visitors to your workplace. You should have your electrical circuits tested regularly with earth loop impedance testing. An electrical fault in your business could be disastrous and potentially cause serious personal injury or even death or be the cause of an electrical fire within your building.

As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that you provide a safe working environment for all workers and people who visit your premises. A safe electrical environment is a critical component of that duty of care.

Avoid damage to your appliances

Another consideration is that ongoing faults in your electrical circuit can eventually cause long-term damage to your electrical appliances. So, testing and tagging your electrical circuits and power points can also minimise costly repair bills in the longer term.

Organise testing on a new site

You should always organise earth loop impedance testing if you are moving to a new premise or a new site because you have no history of the electrical circuits in the property and how they are working.

Ideally when you move to a new site, you should engage experienced professionals such as Jim’s Test & Tag to conduct an electrical risk assessment including impedance testing so that you have a benchmark to work with from when you first move into the property.

Can I conduct my own earth loop impedance testing?

No. Earth loop impedance testing is definitely best left to the professionals. You need qualified technicians to test the electrical earth of all power points and electrical installations. Jim’s Test & Tag franchisees conduct earth loop impedance testing and can combine this testing with portable appliance testing (also known as testing and tagging) and RCD (or safety switch) testing.

Is it enough to just do testing and tagging?

No. Testing and tagging only tests the portable electrical appliances in your building. The technicians who conduct testing and tagging should always test the power point that they use for the portable appliance testing that is conducting the appliance tests. But unless you have earth loop impedance testing conducted on the whole premises, you could have a faulty power point without being aware of the issue.

Why do I need fault loop testing and safety switch testing?

Fault loop testing and safety switch testing are not the same thing. Both are essential tests to ensure the safety of your home or workplace, but one tests all the circuits, electrical installations and power points whereas the other test (RCD testing) tests whether the safety switch is actually working. The two tests work hand in hand, but one doesn’t replace the other.

Are there any other safety tests I should consider for my business?

You should regularly organise testing and tagging, safety switch testing and fault loop testing for your business to ensure your electrical safety. In addition, you should also ensure that your fire protection equipment (including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms and hose reels) are checked and tested regularly.

The team at Jim’s Test & Tag Melbourne can conduct both electrical compliance testing and fire protection testing for your business, phone 13 15 46 for more information.

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